Julius Lagerfeld – Konterkonzept EP [ID19]

Julius Lagerfeld - Konterkonzept EP CoverKonterkonzept EP by Julius Lagerfeld from the Interdisco netlabel. This is music with an evil grin. The Joker’s henchmen would dance to this. Yes, it’s electronica, but moreso, it is electric.

According to Lagerfeld, “it was created by exclusively using hardware synthesizers to set a counterpoint to the prevailing approaches of laptop and software.” He seems to be onto something. This stuff just crackles with energy from the first few seconds and carries through to the end.

While the requisite minimal techno repetition is there, it exists simply to lull you while subtle surprises slink in and out of auditory view. Lagerfeld knows how to take his time and explore an idea, and then move into territories that at first are unexpected, then seem inevitable. This is true of the structure as well as the sound design.

Note: for some reason archive.org’s stream of this EP is playing back at a slower speed. Preview this one from the mp3 downloads instead.

1 thought on “Julius Lagerfeld – Konterkonzept EP [ID19]”

  1. After three completely uninspired years and without any usable output, it seems I finally recovered motivation. 🙂 – and I instantly remembered this review about my interdisco-EP. “Music with an evil grin” – this totally hits the bull’s eye. I was so frustrated about the current techno scene in Middle Europe, I decided to come up with the dumbest artist name I could think of and make my sound so slow, that even the most extreme Minimal Techno-Hipster gets irritated. I loved to make the “Konterkonzept”-track and really – believe it or not – I had such an evil grin on my face while doing it. 🙂
    Thank you very much for this review. It feels like someone really understood what I tried to make. 🙂

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