Miraculously I remembered to turn on the TV Sunday night to catch a new episode of The Simpsons (I get TV for free on this amazing real time wireless technology called “broadcast”). It was a pretty funny episode, not relying on cameos, etc. But then it had one of those transcendent moments, where somehow the creators allow themselves to slip into art, in the guise of parody. Here it is: Homer is apparently falling to his death and his life is flashing before his eyes (apologies if the video is gone: Fox is taking these down fast — you’ll see why this is ironic in a minute).

Homer Everyday

I knew this was a parody of some something but I didn’t know what. Today while eating lunch I was goofing off, clicking on random videos on the YouTube main page and stumbled upon the parody-ee:

This is a timelapse video of this guy’s (Noah Kalina) life, one photo per day for six years. The music was composed for the video by Carly Comando, which, combined with the dedication of doing this for six years, takes the YouTube meme thing to a whole new level. Incidentally, check out Noah’s photography portfolio. Really interesting, surreal use of lighting, often in mundane spaces (which adds to the surrealism).

Speaking of surreal, I wonder what it’s like to have one’s concept immortalized by Homer Simpson.

Finally updated the photo gallery theme

[thumb:77:l:l=g]After years of my photo gallery on this site having a completely different look, I’ve finally integrated it with the theme of this blog (oh-so-cleverly named Nightcappuccino). Thanks to some hard work by Billy Bullock, who ported the k2 theme to Coppermine, it just took a few tweaks to get it to look right. I put just in quotes because it took me most of the afternoon to get it to look right, but that’s no fault of Billy’s. This is just very tweaky work. And sometimes I wonder if I should stop fighting with the trend and move over to flickr. But for now I like having more control over how my photos are presented.

I’m still trying figure out what to do with the main proppe.org page. I have half a mind to just redirect it to this blog page. Or do I just have half a mind?

Now I just need to start shooting again and add some more photos.

Update: Now there’s an RSS feed of the last 10 image uploads.

Podcast #10: Homeosis 1 sketch 01

Hand to Mouth by Nathan S. MoodyRecently Nathan posted a series of photo manipulations called Homeosis. Something about the contrast between ominousness and whimsey hit me in the creative nerve. It struck me that there was music implied in these compositions. They seemed to be a glimpse into, or evidence of, another history. This is a first rough sketch of this soundtrack. It’s a lot more plodding and heavy than I planned, but it starts to suggest the sound scape I’m going for. Click the link at the end of this post to open the slide show in another window. Click the slow button in the lower left and try viewing it while you listen to the music (the slide show will loop around a couple of times).

Homeosis Slideshow

Lake Aloha Hike

[thumb:47:l:]This weekend Nathan and I hiked to Lake Aloha, in the Sierras, and camped overnight. We took the Pacific Crest Trail from Lower Echo Lake, about a six mile trek and 1000 ft. of elevation gain. Doesn’t sound like much, but with the weight of our packs it was quite challenging. However, the views were breathtaking as I hope will come through a bit in these photos. Continue reading “Lake Aloha Hike”

Iceland photos

[thumb:6:l][thumb:3:l]I’m finally reviving the photo gallery (along with the rest of the site). These two shots were taken in Iceland last fall (2005). I found a nifty WordPress plug-in that does a nice job of integrating the Coppermine gallery into the posts, and an iPhoto export plug-in that makes it really easy to upload the shots.

Update (12/19/2007): The coppermine WordPress plug-in’s original link has been gone for ages. It’s been taken up by a new developer, mathse. The iPhoto export plug-in link is still good.