Finally updated the photo gallery theme

[thumb:77:l:l=g]After years of my photo gallery on this site having a completely different look, I’ve finally integrated it with the theme of this blog (oh-so-cleverly named Nightcappuccino). Thanks to some hard work by Billy Bullock, who ported the k2 theme to Coppermine, it just took a few tweaks to get it to look right. I put just in quotes because it took me most of the afternoon to get it to look right, but that’s no fault of Billy’s. This is just very tweaky work. And sometimes I wonder if I should stop fighting with the trend and move over to flickr. But for now I like having more control over how my photos are presented.

I’m still trying figure out what to do with the main page. I have half a mind to just redirect it to this blog page. Or do I just have half a mind?

Now I just need to start shooting again and add some more photos.

Update: Now there’s an RSS feed of the last 10 image uploads.