Miraculously I remembered to turn on the TV Sunday night to catch a new episode of The Simpsons (I get TV for free on this amazing real time wireless technology called “broadcast”). It was a pretty funny episode, not relying on cameos, etc. But then it had one of those transcendent moments, where somehow the creators allow themselves to slip into art, in the guise of parody. Here it is: Homer is apparently falling to his death and his life is flashing before his eyes (apologies if the video is gone: Fox is taking these down fast — you’ll see why this is ironic in a minute).

Homer Everyday

I knew this was a parody of some something but I didn’t know what. Today while eating lunch I was goofing off, clicking on random videos on the YouTube main page and stumbled upon the parody-ee:

This is a timelapse video of this guy’s (Noah Kalina) life, one photo per day for six years. The music was composed for the video by Carly Comando, which, combined with the dedication of doing this for six years, takes the YouTube meme thing to a whole new level. Incidentally, check out Noah’s photography portfolio. Really interesting, surreal use of lighting, often in mundane spaces (which adds to the surrealism).

Speaking of surreal, I wonder what it’s like to have one’s concept immortalized by Homer Simpson.